Pattaya Dining Guide

Pattaya Dining Guide

Welcome to Pattaya Dining Guide, the place for serious foodies to read reviews and articles about what to eat and where in Pattaya.

As more and more expats from around the world have decided to make their home in Pattaya, the cuisine has blossomed and has become diverse to satisfy the demand from a new resident population.

Pattaya is also, alongside Bangkok, one of the few places in Thailand that offers all the regional Thai dishes. This is also due to a migrant Thai workforce that has moved to Pattaya from all over the kingdom in search of employment.

Therefore the breath of choice in both Thai food and other world cuisines is quite staggering. Alongside the amazing Thai dishes, you can find European, Middle Eastern, North and South American, Indian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Southeast Asian and just about anywhere you can think of.

Wide Variety of Food Venues

You can either eat on the street or enjoy five star dining at top restaurants and resort hotels. You can spend from 50baht to 50,000baht all depending on what you want to eat and how deep your purse is.

There is really nowhere else in the whole of Thailand that you can sit by the ocean and consider which part of the world you should visit to dine that night. In fact there is probably nowhere else in the world with the concentration of such diverse restaurants in such a relatively small place.

And the beauty of the whole dining situation is that there is something for everybody, and something to suit every purse. Be you rich or poor, European, Thai or Australian you can be at home eating in Pattaya.

Of course Pattaya is famous for its love of partying and the restaurant trade caters for late night revellers. If you want you want to eat 24/7 then Pattaya will certainly accommodate you, and that is 52 weeks a year.

If you consider the produce that is readily available for chefs then it is hardly surprising that the dishes are of exceptional quality. Daily caught seafood and fish,hand reared organic pork and chicken, fresh seasonable vegetables, exotic fruits and the list goes on and on.

Enjoy our blog as we will certainly have the satisfaction of giving you regular updates of new eateries, and reviews of some of the more established ones.

We forgive you if you start to salivate.