Pattaya Dining Guide – About Page

Have you ever thought just how many restaurants are in Pattaya? The types of cuisines and number of eateries is quite staggering, trying to select the wheat from the chaff is extraordinarily difficult.

Here at Pattaya Dining Guide we set out to choose the best restaurants in town, the criteria is many fold from; quality of food, price, service, cleanliness, style, authenticity, comfort….. the list goes on and on.

It is not only the 5-star restaurants that interest us, if you have ever eaten some of Pattaya’s delicious street food or dined at one of the many affordable markets then you know what I mean.

What is important is that you get quality for money, and the most important thing about a dining guide is the food. Not how much it costs, or if it is served in a luxurious restaurant, the taste is king. And if it happens to be simple freshly grilled squid on an open air harbour BBQ then we will tell you about it.

Pattaya Dining Guide is your one stop shop for advice on what to eat and where. We know what Indian restaurants use authentic spices to which Italian Bistro’s have the freshest pasta.

We will also inform you where to find the best seafood and what restaurants have the best wine cellars.

All and everything about food in Pattaya will be explored here, from regional Thai dishes to delicate French fancies.

The best thing about Pattaya having such a myriad of people and cultures crammed into one place, is the cuisines that have followed them. Not only in the case of foreign foods but many Thai people from all around the kingdom have come to work in Pattaya. They too want to taste home cooked food, so you will regularly see dishes from the North, Issan and the South gracing menus around town.

If you want to get to grips with what food is available in Pattaya and where to eat it, then Pattaya Dining Guide should be your constant companion.