Au Bon Coin

Au Bon Coin

One of the best hidden gems as far as restaurants are concerned in Pattaya is Au Bon Coin. Here at Pattaya Dining Guide it is our mission to provide the best restaurant and food information about Pattaya.

Pattaya is a melting pot of different cultures, many expats have decided to settle in the entertainment capital of Thailand from all over the world. This has meant the demand for home cooked food has led to every manner of restaurant type being opened up, serving just about any cuisine you could possibly think of.

There is a choice between: English, American, Irish, German, French, Italian, French, Russian, Greek, Indian, Mexican, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Cambodian, Laos, Myanmar, and of course Thai.

The choice of Thai cuisine is also extensive, as Thai workers have come from all four corners of the Kingdom to work in Pattaya. Just like the expats they too want to eat regional food from the four great culinary areas of Thailand: The North, The Northeast, The Central Region, and The South.

Au Bon Coin

Au Bon Coin is a remarkable French restaurant hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Central Pattaya. In a Beautiful Place, is located in a small soi in Pratumnak, and not particularly easy to find.

It is set in an old traditional Thai house set in its own gardens and this peaceful setting is home to an incredible French restaurant.

Mine Host

The man behind Au Bon Coin is the owner who happens to be the chef, and he is an enigma who is famous in Pattaya. The restaurant is not your common and garden French restaurant and is only open a limited number of days a week as the chef wants to be semi-retired and to enjoy life.

It is often first recommended to phone before you visit, firstly to see if the restaurant is actually open and to secure a table as most nights it is completely fully booked.

The Menu

In most of our blog reviews we highlight the menus of the restaurants that we feature. However, in this case it is rather superfluous as nearly everybody who goes to this fine restaurant simply chooses the Plat du Jour, or basically follows the chef’s nightly recommendation.

Most of the dishes are traditional country fayre, and are slow cooked one pot dishes. But of course there are some French favourites that everybody enjoys, such as Agneau a’la orange, and Foie gras aux figue.

Going to Au Bon Coin is different than any other restaurant in Pattaya, it is an event. Don’t expect fine dining service similar to the fancy five star hotels. Au Bon Coin is all about the quality of the food, to dine on authentic and unusual dishes with the excellent personal service of mine host.