Back Fabrik


Located on Jomtien Second Road is the newly refurbished Back-Fabrik which is a German bakery that is also an excellent restaurant and cafe.

Back-Fabrik serves a huge selection of homemade breads, pastries, cakes, freshly made sandwiches, German meats and sausages, cheeses, and fish.

The restaurant / cafe also serves a range of coffees, drinks, breakfast amd main dishes and salads.


Back-Fabrik opens at 9am every day until 4pm, and its breakfast menu is the first to be examined. The breakfast dishes offer every kind of egg, cheeses and hams, pancakes, waffles, German breads with German sausages and meats, plus Thai favourites.

The menu for main dishes is extensive and excellent value for money, they include many German and western dishes and great Thai dishes.

Highlights include Australian roast beef, smoked Norwegian salmon, smoked pork chop, Steak Hubertus, pickled herrings, pork striploin, Jaegerschnitzel, Schitzel and Geschnetzeltes among many other mouth watering options.

If you like fish then Back-Fabrik has some delights to offer including, Matjes herring, Rollmop herring, Matjeshappen, Bismark herring, smoked salmon gravlax, and Kieler Sprotten.

For the more health conscience Back-Fabrik have some excellent salads to choose from which are quite original: Cucumber, wurst, homemade noodle, mixed, tuna, chef’s, chicken and potato.


The Back-Fabrik Cafe has its own coffee to delight patrons, along with delicious refreshing drinks such as green tea, guava juice, carrot juice plus German beers.

Whilst enjoying your Americano you can feast on some freshly made cakes and pastries including: cinnamon rolls, French butter croissants, chocolate croissants, danish, gâteaux, cheesecakes, and other delicious cakes that are baked daily.

The cakes have daily additions but here are some of the regular favourites: chocolate fudge, young coconut, blueberry yogurt mousse cake, strawberry yogurt mousse, raspberry brownie cheesecake, chocolate eclair, mixed macaroons, vanilla eclair, and apple cake.


If you have enjoyed your breakfast, lunch or early dinner then you can buy some of the superb items in the Back-Fabrik supermarket.

Firstly is a wide range of German sausages: Teewurst, Salami, Suelze, Thueringer Rotwurst, Nurnberger, Thueringer, Weisswurst, Smoker, Kalbsleberwurst, Flieschwurst, Zwiebelmettwurst, Bierschinken and Jagewurst.

Keeping with the meat theme are some excellent hams like Kassler, Butcher Ham, smoked bacon, and Nut ham together with some excellent Dutch cheeses, creamcheese, Camembert, French Brie and salted and unsalted butter.

Freshly baked continental breads can also be purchased ranging from: multi-cereal sandwich, rustic sandwich, rustic French baguette, walnut bread, farmer bread darkrye, heavy rye bread, cranberry bread, seed loaf, white bread, kraftmixed bread, blackforest dark rye, brezel, black forest dark rye and sodaroll.

If you cannot make it down to Jomtien Second Road, Back-Fabrik offer a free delivery service on many of their items from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 4pm.

Back-Fabrik has a large and loyal clientele, dining can be taken on the outside terrace or in the spacious air-conditioned interior. The restaurant is airy and bright with contemporary furniture, and the service is efficient and friendly. Above all, dining at Back-Fabrik is relaxed and casual but with the addition of excellent food and quality products.

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