Bake n' Brew

Bake n’ Brew

Open daily from 8am to 7pm and situated on Soi Exzyte is the marvellous Bake n’ Brew. First impressions from the outside are impressive, and they do not deceive one iota. A large balcony with modern wooden tables and chairs invite patrons to come in off the street and explore further. The use of glass and wood combine to make Bake n’ Brew bright and airy with a real welcoming feel.

Bake n’ Brew is probably best known for its excellent coffee, they use only the best beans that are a combination of award winning and internationally recognised coffee beans sourced from Bangkok. The distinct flavour and aroma is achieved by beans grown in Chiang Rai, that have been blended with smoother beans from abroad to produce what has been named by many as the finest coffee in Pattaya.


Bake n' Brew


The P&F blend is an award winning coffee blend that comes in espresso and gold medal varieties that have both been endorsed by the IIAC. The well trained baristas operate a state-of-the-art coffee machine that features multi boilers to provide the exact temperature for brewing a perfect coffee.

The “Bake” part of the business are the exceptional cakes, pastries, which are freshly baked on the premises, together with a range of delicious breads. The presentation matches the quality, delicious fancies are proudly served on unique wooden platters for maximum theatrical effect. An array of sizes, shapes, colours and flavours give a mind boggling choice.

The atmosphere, like any good coffee shop / cafe, is laid back with a homely feel. Whether you are sitting watching the world go by on the balcony or relaxing in the back room, or even taking advantage of the air conditioned dining room, the service is personal, friendly but not overly attentive.

If you fancy something a little stronger there is a limited range of cocktails together with beers, ideal to quench one’s thirst on a hot sunny day.

The Thai owners, Tako and Pui, have a terrific command of English, and both studied previously in Australia. Tako studied business and commerce whilst Pui has a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality. Their work ethic and service levels reflect this and Bake n’ Brew is a professionally run business.

This enchanting cafe has an extensive international and Thai menu, and all portions are well sized and good value for money. Among the selections are pastas, stews, curries, sandwiches and favourite Thai dishes.

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Bake n' Brew

Bake n’ Brew have always served hearty breakfasts since they opened nearly seven years ago. The starter breakfast begins at an incredible 115 baht and that includes freshly brewed coffee. Cool water is free and regularly topped up as you munch through perfectly cooked eggs, bacon and sausage. A fresh bread plate is optional, served with mouth watering homemade jams, the Raspberry is particularly good.

Bake n’ Brew have hit on a formula that definitely works, excellent produce, good prices and superb service. They are famous for their breakfasts, sandwiches and pasta dishes and have a loyal clientele that keep on coming back for more.

Tako also operates a loyalty card system, and for every 100 baht spent you receive a stamp. 10 stamps and you get a 100 baht discount, other one is every time you order a coffee, you will get a stamp, for 6 stamps clients will get one free coffee.

Bake n’ Brew is a perfect place for an early breakfast or a hearty brunch, kids options are also on the menu and children are more than welcome. If you have not been to this establishment before, it is a good idea if you potter down to Soi Exzyte a treat yourself to one of the best coffees in town.