Comfort by Harland

Comfort by Harlan

It is not often that a two michelin star chef opens his own restaurant in Pattaya, but this is the case with Harlan Goldstein and his new creation Comfort. Many of the glitzy resort hotels have michelin chefs at the helm, but not many independent restaurants in Pattaya are actually owned by really top chefs.

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The location of Comfort is hardly surprising, as Harlan has ignored downtown Pattaya and decided to base his business in trendy Pratumnak. Pratumnak has a very eclectic feel to it and there are some of the most bijou and interesting cafes and diners that exist there, take for example the Sky Gallery and the Chocolate Factory.

Harlan Goldstein

The celebrity chef from Hong Kong, Harlan Goldstein has created Comfort around his thirty eight years of travel and experience as a chef. He basically serves dishes that he loves to cook for family and friends, but brings a modern approach to dining especially with sharing platters.

Harlan hails from New York, but is most famous for battling his way to the top of Hong Kong’s elite restaurant scene. He started cooking at fourteen in his uncle’s restaurant in Florida. Then served a formal apprenticeship at the prestigious Montreaux Palace Hotel in Switzerland.

The Food

The whole concept at Comfort is to make the diner feel relaxed and at home, and to enjoy a culinary experience as much as you can.

Of course there is a menu, but the daily creations are really the best way to enjoy this top chef’s food. Among his special dishes you can expect just about anything from Italian, Mexican, Spanish, Thai and Asian cuisine.

These dishes could include: penne with vodka and tomatoes, pappardelle with truffle, mushrooms and slow-cooked egg, linguini with clams and chili & garlic, pulled pork taco with refried beans and cheese, beef cheek panang curry with coconut cream, paella with clams, chorizo and squid.

Sharing Dishes

One of Comfort’s specialities is the sharing platters, which enable the diners to share their culinary experiences. Some of these platters include: slow cooked Peruvian chicken with green salsa, veracruz style seabass with chorizo and red prawns, black angus rib eye beef tagliata, rack of lamb with percorino crust, and a milanese pork chop.

Do not think just because Harlan is a classically trained chef that all the dishes are fancy and the atmosphere is static. This is definitely not the case at Comfort. The service is really friendly and the staff will be just as happy serving you a gourmet burger as anything more difficult.

As expected, Comfort has a great wine cellar which is not overly OTT on the price. Harland Goldstein has managed to bridge the gap between 2 star Michelin cuisine to relaxed and friendly dining. Both are on the menu at this great new addition to the Pattaya dining scene.