El Greco

El Greco

Here at Pattaya Dining Guide we feel it is our duty to explore the wonderful cuisines that are available in Pattaya and report back to our readers of the new and exciting restaurants that appear.

In this blog we discover the world of Greek food at El Greco not far from the center of Pattaya in Soi Bong Koch. The success of their food are the traditional Greek recipes and the authentic dishes that the Greek cook creates.

The food uses imported Greek ingredients such as feta cheese and olive oil to produce dishes such as souvlaki, falafel and mousaka.


No true Greek restaurant would be without a proper Greek salad and El Greco serve up some excellent choices including: Greek salad, chickpeas salad, pasta salad, lettuce salad, mixed vegetable salad and chicken salad.


Greek starters are often served mesa style, but can be stand alone dishes as well, and El Greco has a fine selection.

Omelettes, Tzatziki, Feta, Feta Saganaki, Feta honey, Feta with peppers, Spetsofai, spinach rolls and mushrooms in wine sauce.

Traditional Greek

Most patrons that frequent El Greco do so for the Greek specialities, and keep on coming back to try different dishes on the menu, classic dishes include:

Mousaka, Pastitsio, cabbage with egglemon, dried beans, Suvlaki pork, pork skewers, meatballs and Falafel.

Lamb Dishes

Lamb has always been an important ingredient in Greek cooking and features in many of their most famous dishes, therefore it is not surprising that El Greco features Lamb in a big way.

Lamb kebabs, lamb with yogurt, kebab pocket, Souvlaki skewers, Kleftiko, and Lamb chops.

Fish Dishes

Another favourite on Greek menus is fish and seafood, many of the Greek islands have a long tradition with fish and seafood dishes, and the Mediterranean is a wonderful supplier for some astonishing dishes.

El Greco takes full advantage of the great fish and seafood that is available in Pattaya and it shows in their marvelous fish dishes.

Fried squid, fried fish fillet, shrimps and spaghetti, spring rolls, shrimp saganaki and fish with garlic sauce.

Vegetarian Dishes

Although Greek food can be heavily laden with meat, such as the marvellous mesa dishes with sausages, lamb, chicken, and pork there is also an abundance of fresh vegetables in all Greek food.

Therefore El Greco has some impressive vegetarian dishes on their menu including: vegan rice pomegrande, pasta cauliflower, vegan spinach pie, eggplant mozzarela, spinach crepes, vegan rice with cauliflower, mushroom crapes and falafel.

El Greco has a full complement of excellent Thai dishes cooked to perfection by their Thai chefs which includes favourites such as Tom Yum Goong and Phad Kra Prao.

What most diners are surprised at is the excellent food is available at really reasonable prices. You would class El Greco as a taverna as the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed and the food is sort of home-cooked.