Pattaya has one of the most varied restaurant scenes of anywhere in Thailand, including Bangkok. There are so many different nationalities that live in Pattaya from all over the world, that restaurants of all cultures have been opened up to satisfy the demand including, Korean, Chinese, Laos, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indian, Malay, Cambodian, English, American, French, German, Italian, Greek, Iranian, Lebanese…….the list is endless.

Here at Pattaya Dining Guide we guide our readers to the best places to eat in Pattaya, from 5 star cuisine to street food and everything in between. In this blog we travel to the Hilton hotel for some fine Thai dining at Flare.

Flare the Restaurant

The Hilton hotel on Beach Road Pattaya features two bars and three restaurants and is a great venue for dining whilst looking over Pattaya Bay.

If you wish to sample top contemporary Thai food in a luxurious setting then Flare is a great option. As you walk passed a wall of exquisite wines you take in the opulent decor for this very modern take on Thai cuisine. Flare combines the traditional tastes and flavours of Thailand with superb ingredients from all over the globe.

Raw and Lightly Cooked

Flare offers a different take on Japanese favourites including Fresh Oysters, Sashimi Platters, Nigiri & Gunkan, Maki and Usuzukuri.

Salads & Ceviche

Just like the raw fish and seafood, the ingredients that make up the ceviche and salad dishes are top quality. The choice for this part of the menu is to say the least adventurous.

Grilled eggplant with salmon bacon, Soft shell crab, Papaya salad, Prawn and pomelo salad, Thai-style ceviche, Salmon salad, Yellowfin tuna salad, Grilled beef salad, Shrimp & Hokkaido scallop.

Grilled & Steamed

For those who like grilled food then this menu is ideal for you, with top quality imported meat that is simply grilled the finished dish is simply delicious.

Beef choices are Tenderloin or Striploin with two different sauces, there is also Grilled seafood skewers, Pork spare ribs, Chicken satay, Salmon belly, Kurobuta pork belly wraps, Green mussels.

Curries & Soups

Flare also specialises in great contemporary Thai food which is exemplary shown in their Thai curries and soups.

Massaman lamb curry, Green curry, Roasted duck red curry, Korean-style beef short rib soup, Tom yam gung, Kimchi soup, Hot & sour soup.

Stir-Fried Dishes

Again there are many Thai-fusion dishes that make up Flare’s stir-fried dishes which include, Beef with African basil, Beef with hoisin, Cashew chicken, Stir-fried mixed seafood, Crispy fried gyoza, Shrimp cakes, Stir-fried asparagus, Stir-fried mixed vegetables, Stir-fried morning glory.


Flare does not let you down after the main courses have all been consumed as there is a great choice of sweets and desserts.

Mango sticky rice, Homemade mochi, Bau loy nam khing, Sako cantaloupe, Sala loy kheaw, Coconut & Pandan ice cream, Japanese sweet potato ice cream, and Tropical fruit platter.

Flare is special occasion food, the prices are high but then again the ingredients are of the highest quality. It is a place that you will not dine at every week but makes a great change when you decide to.