Here at Pattaya Dining Guide we undertake to offer the best news and reviews on the best places to eat and drink in Pattaya. Our selections are not just based on cost, rather on good food and ambience, they include international restaurants, cafes and authentic Thai food.

In this blog we look at one of Jomtien’s most iconic Italian restaurants, namely Gian’s. Gian’s is perfectly placed on Thappraya Road and part of the Chateau Dale Complex, alongside Frasers Sports Bar, Bruno’s and News Steaks and Grill.


Open between noon and 3pm, and dinner from 6pm, Gian’s is the perfect spot to enjoy a delicious lunch or a leisurely dinner. The dress code is smart / casual to suit the whole ambience of this popular dining experience.

Service is laid back and friendly but very efficient, and certainly the waiting staff have been very carefully trained with the restaurant’s ethos at the forefront. The restaurant is modern and stylish and a testament to a decade of great performance serving top notch cuisine.

Gian’s is very much an upper scale trattoria and delivers on all counts. Delighting from their antipasto to their delicious mouth watering desserts.

The Menu

Gian’s serves excellent Italian and Thai dishes and proudly displays their signature dishes of: Mangalica ham, braised bobby veal shank in Barolo wine and risotto, risotto with pumpkin, foie gras and balsamic vinegar.

The owner slices the ham himself and it has a deep red colour, the fat is delicious and the flavour is creamy and fatty. If you like risotto, then Gian’s is one of the best exponents at the art of creating the perfect and most authentic risotto. It has all the hallmarks of an Italian made rice dish, creamy and luscious with the perfect amount of wine / stock so it has a wet, but not overly so, texture.

Gian’s has a great reputation for serving excellent steaks and the classic Fiorentina T-bone is simply superb. If you wish something a little more unusual then try the house-braised veal shank, this succulent piece of meat has been perfectly marinated in rich barolo wine for a whole twenty four hours to provide a most memorable gastronomic experience.

Finally, fish lovers are welcomed with open arms at Gian’s. The snow fish is cooked to perfection so it is delicate and pale, whilst the black ink spaghetti is powerful and robust.


Of course with all this delectable food it would be a shame if a good wine was not available to complement the chef’s excellent dishes. And again Gian’s does not disappoint as the owner personally selects the wine for his cellar.

If you love Italian wine then Gian’s is the place to go and there are not many restaurants in Pattaya that can offer a better selection, some of the Italian vintages are delightful. There are also some excellent superior South African, Australian and Chilean vintages also to partake in.

If you have never dined at Gian’s before then it is thoroughly recommended, five star service and food all the way. And not too OTT concerning price, yes a little on the dear side but not overly so considering what you actually get.