Le Bordeaux

Le Bordeaux

Many people are surprised when visiting Pattaya for the first time about the food that is available in the famous seaside entertainment resort. Pattaya Dining Guide regularly updates our blog pages to inform the visitor of the best restaurants to dine.

In this blog we look at Le Bordeaux which as the name suggests is a French Restaurant. Located just behind Tukom on Pattaya Road South this culinary treat has been dishing out food al la Francaise for a considerable time now.

Set Meal

The set meal which is available every day of the week is great value, three courses for 590 baht. It all starts with complementary Amuse Bouches then moves on to:

  • Starters – Chef terrine, mussels with garlic cream, salade from Paris, beef carpaccio, roast beef mayonnaise.
  • Main course – Grilled ham madeira sauce, tagliatelles with smoked salmon cream and chive, seabass fillet meuniere, thin sliced chicken breast served in red wine sauce, beef bourguignon.
  • Dessert – Cheese platter, caramel custard, floating island, mango tart, ice cream.

For the more adventurous and slightly deeper pockets there is a gourmet menu for 990 baht beginning with a cocktail and Amuse Bouches the choices are a little more up market:

  • Starters – Aumoniere of salmon with prawns tarragon sauce, roast beef mayonnaise, cassolette of mussels saffron and chorizo, fried snails with garlic butter, prawn cocktail.
  • Main course – Duck Shepherd’s pie, sea perch fillet rolls with butter capers, sea scallops and lamb kefta mushrooms curry sauce, beef tenderloin black diamond, lamb chop rosemary juice, lamb shank.
  • Dessert – Cheese platter, or any dessert from menu.
  • Coffee – Coffee of your choice.

Finally the speciality of the house is the Bacchus Menu for 1490 baht. The proceedings start with a complimentary glass of wine / shot of spirits and Amuse Bouches followed by:

  • Starters – 6 oysters Marennes d’Oleron, aumoniere of salmon with prawns tarragon sauce, cassolette of sea scallops, sliced leeks and truffle cream, rock lobster lemon and aioli and glass of chardonnay.
  • Main course – Grouper with morel and truffle sauce, veal chop morel sauce, beef tenderloin & classic duck Shepherd’s pie cepes sauce, breast of chicken stuffed with morels sauce, lamb tenderloin rosemary sauce and a glass of Baron Vincent red wine.
  • Dessert – Cheese platter, or any dessert on the menu.
  • Coffee – Coffee of your choice.
  • Shooter – Complimentary liquor.


As well as these three great set menus there are also weekly chef’s suggestions that regularly include: Oysters de Claire Marennes d’ Oleron, Veal liver with mushroom sauce, Veal Blanquette, Veal Chop, Veal Tenderloin with truffles and morels sauce, Tomahawk Waygu for three people.

As you would expect there are some great wines to choose from but not only limited to France. Le Bordeaux has an extensive wine cellar with great wines from France being accompanied with wines from Italy, Chile, and Spain. There are also several vins d’exception which include some of the great vintages of France.

Le Bordeaux produces some excellent food and wine that will not break the bank, the atmosphere is relaxed and the service friendly, why not try it on your next trip out.