Here at Pattaya Dining Guide we concentrate on finding the best eateries in Pattaya and the surrounding area. We look at the cheap roadside street food right to five-star restaurants and everything in between.

In this blog we look at Livv which was first created by the owners to showcase the finer things in the culinary world. And to create an extra special atmosphere for patrons to eat and drink.

Whether you are seeking a quick snack, a sandwich, perhaps a breakfast or a relaxing dinner then Livv is definitely worth exploring. Located on the Darkside on soi Khao Talo it brightens up east Pattaya.

About Livv

Serving excellent food at reasonable prices, Livv bucks the common trend of low quality food at low prices. Livv offers the best quality products with a variety of imported beef and the freshest of fish and seafood.

The restaurant has a cosy design and there is also a seperate drinks area if you simply want to pop in to have a glass of wine and a snack or some freshly made bakery products. Livv combines a bakery, steakhouse, and a cocktail bar all in an intimate environment.


Livv offers breakfast sets, pizzas, pastas, sandwiches & baguettes, crispy salads, lunches, dinners, desserts and freshly baked products.

Also there is a wide range of drinks available from milkshakes, smoothies, yogurt based drinks, fruit shakes, cocktails, spirits, beers, coffees and teas.


The advantage of being a bakery is that making pizzas comes as second nature, and Livv makes and serves some delicious homemade pizzas including the normal favorites and some unusual surprises such as: Parma Rucola, Nachos, Krapao, Green Chicken Curry, and BBQ Chicken.

Sandwiches & Baguettes

If you are hungry then Livv’s sandwiches and baguettes definitely fit the bill, with the Livv Club Sandwich being the house special. Containing toasted bread with cheese, ham, bacon, egg, lettuce and tomato with fries.

Other delicious fillings include, parma ham, smoked salmon, mortadella, warm pastrami and of course BLT.


There is nothing quite like a tasty crunchy salad to make you feel healthier and Livv offers a Mixed Mediterranean salad, a classic Caesar salad, Grilled Beef and Rocket salad and a Mango and Shrimp Cocktail with fresh iceberg lettuce.


If you are a pasta lover then you can choose from spaghetti, penne or fusilli with four great sauces. A classic bolognese with fresh garlic and herbs, a carbonara included imported smoked bacon, cream, and egg, pesto with olma sausage, and even a bolognese lasagna oven baked in a traditional way.

When you wish to have something more substantial then fresh imported meats and delicious fish and seafood are all cooked as you prefer, and highlight the quality of the ingredients.

Livv is well worth venturing out to the Darkside of Pattaya, value for money is definitely the order of the day.