Mantra Restaurant & Bar

Pattaya has a diverse dining scene, probably the most varying eating choices in the whole of Thailand apart from Bangkok. This is mainly due to the large expat population that reside in the city, drawn from every corner of the globe.

Even the Thai cuisine is from all parts of the kingdom, to satisfy the workers who have descended on Pattaya from every region in search of employment.

You can dine thriftily at many markets or street corners, or you can spend a fortune in one of the fine dining establishments, and everything in between.

One of the most established eateries and a somewhat of a landmark in Pattaya, is the Mantra.


Mantra Restaurant & Bar

If you like fine dining and superb wines in an atmosphere that is completely unique, then the Mantra Restaurant & Bar is definitely for you.

Mantra blends a wide range of world cuisines, with an open-kitchen style of dining. Fusing Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Indian, Tapas, classic western dishes, charcoal grill and seafood specialities.

Each cuisine has its own specialised staff and cooking island, whether they are skillfully slicing sashimi, carving roast joints, pushing freshly made pizzas in the hot brick oven, inserting spicy brochettes of marinated meat into the searing tandoor or grilling the perfect sirloin.



The Mantra is pure theatre, the guest is welcomed at the door and concierge parking services are offered at the outset. Then, elegantly attired greeting staff will check your reservation whilst guiding you into the opulent double bar area.

The Mantra Bar is impressive and a little daunting, as the roof is a colossal double height with mirrors to match. The decor is one of an Arabian theme and decked out in an abundance of ornate lanterns and takes of a sheik’s boudoir.

The bar leads to the main dining room, and for first time visitors it rather takes one’s breath away. There is a scarlet and black colour scheme that has been tastefully employed throughout.

The main focus is on refinement but with an intimacy that is rarely found in such large restaurants. There are separate areas for larger groups, but it is the central area that most diners prefer.



This section is extremely hard to write simply because of the bewildering selection of delicious food available from all the open kitchens. Trying to highlight one or two particular “must try” dishes poses a problem but considerations are: the assorted sushi, maki roll and sashimi 16 piece set, the grilled wagyu steak, freshly grilled seafood and amazing Indian dishes from the Tandoor.

An evening spent at the Mantra is one of the best dining experiences in Pattaya, and the Sunday “all you can eat” buffet is extraordinarily good value. Keep abreast of our blog for more great dining ideas and tips.