Patrick’s Belgian Restaurant

Pattaya Dining Guide love to visit different restaurants around the city and report back on what is good or bad. There are so many new places opening up every week that it is hard to keep up with the change.

In this blog we look at one of the old favourites of Pattaya, namely Patrick’s Belgium Restaurant which is located on Pattaya Second Road in Central Shopping Arcade.

Patrick’s Steakhouse – Fondue Restaurant has been established since 1991 and has established itself as one of the finest steakhouses in Pattaya. It is one of the few restaurants in the city that has a roofed terrace bringing a continental touch to proceedings.

The Food

The menu is extensive and unlike many steak restaurants in Pattaya it has a great selection of Belgian dishes such as, Flemish Goulash, Meatballs, Gentse Waterzooi and Vol au Vent.

There are also great value for money daily specials that include; Beef Bourguignon, Lamb Shank, Mixed Grill, Roast Beef, Moules-Frites and Tenderloin Stroganoff.

Also on the menu are tasty salads,appetizers, soups, pork dishes, chicken dishes, imported steaks, bourbon marinated steaks, fish & seafood and a range of delicious desserts.

Bourbon Steak

New to the menu is the Bourbon Steak which is flambeed at your table with Jim Beam whisky.

The sauces available for these juicy steaks are: pepper cream, mushroom cream, bearnaise, provencal, red wine, and roquefort.

All the steaks are the finest imported New Zealand beef and are tenderloin filet, filet mignon and T-bone also imported Australian tenderloin and rib-eye. Speciality chateaubriand from New Zealand is also available.

Belgian Beer

Along with an extensive wine list, Patrick’s also serve excellent Belgian beer which complements the excellent Belgian food dishes superbly.

Westmalle Triple – if you like strong beer then this 9.5% Trappist beer will hit the spot. The beer goes through a secondary fermentation in the bottle which pushes the alcohol levels up.

Liefmans Fruitesse Kriek – an extremely red beer that has a sweet cherry flavour with bitter overtones.

Leffe Blond – a highly popular Belgian beer that has a balanced flavour, with a creamy texture. It is a pale abbey beer with a golden colour that is easy to drink.

Kwak Pauwel – a famous Belgian beer possibly because the unique round bottomed glass and wooden support frame it is served in. Strong in alcohol, Kwak beer is full bodied with a wonderful foam and malty character.

Kasteel Blond – another very strong beer at 11% alcohol, and again because of a second fermentation in the bottle. This beer has an incredible 15 year shelf life which is quite amazing for a beer.

These genuine Belgian beers are excellent accompaniments to the fantastic Belgian prepared food that is available at Patrick’s. If you happen to hail from this part of Europe the restaurant is a home from home.