Ruen Thai

Ruen Thai

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In this blog we focus on a Pattaya institution namely Ruen Thai that is one of Pattaya’s most favourite Thai restaurants. In fact Ruen Thai is the only restaurant in Pattaya that offers superb Thai food with traditional Thai dancers performing nightly.

The Restaurant

Ruen Thai is unique in Pattaya, the superb location on Pattaya Second Road makes access easy and convenient. Nearby is a host of shops and malls and Pattaya beach just a short stroll away.

The restaurant is a U-shape with all tables facing the open air stage with great views of the musicians and dancers. If you prefer you can dine al fresco under the stars or on the raised covered area behind.

Ruen Thai can accommodate up to four hundred and fifty diners with over two hundred in the open air.

The Menu

For well prepared and presented Thai food consisting of the finest ingredients then look no further than Ruen Thai. Although there is plenty of western dishes to choose from most people that visit Ruen Thai opt for the complete Thai experience and dine on Thai food.

Expect the food to be authentic and not changed for the western palette, so it can be spicy if it is supposed to be. Signature dishes are: duck curry, crumbled shrimp and pork rolled and deep fried, and roast chicken with vegetable tips.

One of the best things about Ruen Thai is their excellent beverage selection. The wine cellar is extensive and offers some exceptional choices. There also is a wide choice of spirits and cocktails and whatever you do complete your meal with an Irish Coffee.

The preparation of your coffee is pure drama, a special trolley is pushed to your table and the bartender selects the ingredients for your drink and assembles it in front of you, complete with fire and a lot of embellishment.

Things to Do

Ruen Thai is all about theatre, whether it is the waiters and their pyrotechnics, the exotic Thai dancers or the traditional musicians. Wherever you look there is something going on and this is all on top of the exquisite food.

At Ruen Thai you also have the opportunity to visit the Naowarat Textile Museum and the Naowarat Woodcraft Museum. Visitors can delight at viewing the thousands of Thai silks and five hundred of different wood products on display.

All in all spending an evening at Ruen Thai is a complete experience, unlike many themed restaurants the focus is on the food not the entertainment. Ruen Thai is primarily a first class Thai restaurant that also offers first class Thai entertainment, completely free for patrons enjoyment whilst they are dining.