Coffee Club

The Coffee Club

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In this blog, we focus on a highly popular Australian chain of restaurants that have sprung up all over Thailand, namely the Coffee Club. And in particular, we concentrate on the outlet in the Royal Garden Plaza.

The Restaurant

The Coffee Club is located on the ground floor of the Royal Garden Festival Mall at the entrance to Pattaya Second Road. It is a large outlet with limited outdoor seating but tables situated also inside the mall.

The Coffee Club is Australia’s favourite all-day cafe and is now loved in Thailand. Not only is it attractive to patrons who simply want to rest up and partake of a delicious mug of coffee, but also to hungry diners who want breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.

Each year the Coffee Club’s research chefs refresh the menu, keeping the menu at this famous restaurant fresh and innovative. Their inspiration includes ingredients from all over the world, from quinoa to baby rocket.

All the ingredients are sourced locally and not frozen, which means every Coffee Club outlet serves different dishes with slightly different produce.

Coffee Club Highlights

Most patrons who venture into the Coffee Club do so to take advantage of the many highlights that the restaurant offers, such as breakfast & brunch, coffee, iced drinks, burgers and sandwiches, salads, kitchen of the world.

The Royal Festival Garden outlet is open from 10 in the morning until 11 at night and be sure not to miss out on their current promotion of buy one get on free on draft beer from 6-9pm every day.

Breakfast & Brunch

One aspect of the Coffee Club that is an undisputable success is the breakfast/brunch menu which is served all day long. Dishes feature western favourites along with Thai regional traditional food.
Be sure to sample the eggs benedict, slices of fresh ham with two succulent poached eggs smothered in hollandaise sauce on crispy toasted bread. There are variations to the classic recipe that tantalize different palettes.

Burgers and Sandwiches

The chefs at Coffee Club have one simple rule when it comes to their burgers and exotic sandwiches and that is that is the end result should be more than the sum of their parts.

It all starts with using high-quality produce such as imported Australian Angus Beef for their burger patties. And if you elect to sample one of the toasted sandwiches make sure you are hungry as the portion is more than generous.

Kitchen of the World

All the Thai outlets of the Coffee Club serve authentic Thai dishes created by Thai chefs. They use authentic local seasonal ingredients and prepare the dishes in a traditional but modern manner.

Be prepared for top ingredients such as king prawns and succulent seafood. The herbs and spices are typically Thai to produce outstanding and classic Thai dishes.

To balance things out, there is a great selection of western cuisines such as pasta, steaks and well cooked and flavorsome international comfort dishes.

So whether you just fancy some coffee and toast, or a large plate of King Prawns in a spicy Red Curry Sauce, the Coffee Club is for you.